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10 Tips for Sexy Hair

When the word beauty is mentioned, what comes to mind? A beautiful face, a beautiful body; but what about a beautiful head of hair? Studies show that healthy hair is a significant indicator of physical attractiveness, for both men and women. If you want to know how to keep your locks healthy and beautiful, read this article and follow the ten tips for sexy hair.

One of the most important parts of maintaining healthy, beautiful hair, is following a healthy diet that includes nutrient-rich foods. There are some target foods you will want to incorporate into your diet, but the most important thing is that you are keeping your food intake well-balanced. Foods that have growth-promoting protein and iron will help your hair grow and will help keep it strong. Some of these foods are salmon, dark green vegetables such as spinach, nuts, beans, carrots, whole grains, and eggs. Remember, it is not just what products you put in your hair, but also what you are putting in your body.

Another essential step to getting that great hair you’ve always dreamed of is to keep it moisturized. In order to keep your hair healthy, you will need a few good conditioning products. First and foremost, your hair will greatly benefit from a quality daily conditioner. As the name states, use this conditioner daily. The second conditioning product that will make your hair smooth and shiny is a deep-conditioner. Depending on your hair type, a deep-conditioner can be used once a month for normal hair to once a week for dry and damaged hair. The last product you may want to invest in is a leave-in conditioner, which can help prevent dry and frizzy hair.

If your hair is damaged, dry, or prone to getting frizzy, you know what it is like to detangle your hair. This next step is important because many people don’t know the correct way to remove those damaging knots. Many people want to remove knots from hair while it is wet, but this can often cause more harm than good. Wet hair is virtually inelastic and will break if stretched, so running a brush through it is a bad idea. A wide-tooth comb will fix the issue and allow you to detangle your hair safely. If you really want to keep your hair healthy, use a wide-tooth comb throughout the day to detangle, rather than doing it after a shower.

A unique way of taming unmanageable hair is learning the techniques of a scalp massage. The chemicals from certain styling products, along with heat damage and harmful UV rays can really take a toll on hair, and a scalp massage using botanical oils can help combat these things and create shinier and stronger hair. The best time to perform a scalp massage is before a bath or shower. Let the oils penetrate the scalp for a few minutes before shampooing away excess oil.

One of the most important tips to growing long and beautiful hair, which may seem counter-productive, is trimming hair often. When the hair gets damaged from using styling products with harsh chemicals or from heat, the shaft of your hair splits and unless the damage is stopped early, it continues to move up from the ends towards the roots. Even if you are desperate to grow out your hair, make sure to trim dead ends regularly, as this damage could work against your length goals. Make sure to invest in a pair of hair cutting shears!

This next tip involves items you might find in your kitchen cabinets. Every six weeks or so, take a break from the styling products and store-bought shampoos and conditioners, and take a trip to your kitchen. A tablespoon of baking soda mixed with two tablespoons of white vinegar can make your hair bounce and shine like the hair in shampoo and conditioner commercials.

A shine treatment, or a gloss treatment, is another way to increase your hair’s shine and will leave it looking healthy and beautiful. These treatments works by filling in any damaged parts of the hair shaft and sealing the hair’s outer layer, making it smooth. This treatment should last anywhere from six weeks to two months.

One product that can turn your hair from boring to beautiful is a volume booster. These products work by lifting the roots and creating a fuller look. This can be a very attractive look if you have the right products and the right techniques, like blow-drying your hair upside down or even sleeping on damp hair to increase natural volume.

A small step can make a big difference. If you style your hair the same way every day, you might get bored with it. Instead of making a dramatic change, like coloring your hair, which could cause damage, why not try something simple? If you part your hair in the middle, try parting it to one side. While this may seem like an insignificant change, it could become a totally different look, which has the potential to improve your self-confidence!

The last tip for sexy hair is simple and fun. Invest in some cute hair accessories, like trendy headbands or even basic hair clips. With more accessories to choose from, you can add more hairstyles to your repertoire.

If you have seen a commercial for a hair product and thought: “I wish I had hair like that”, you aren’t alone. Healthy, beautiful hair may seem like something that is unattainable, but now you know the secret. These ten tips to sexy hair can help you improve the health, look, and feel of your hair. Soon enough you’ll be able to watch those commercials and say: “I do have hair like that!”

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