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Best Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Hazel Eyes – The Best Eye Shadows To Use

When it comes to purchasing eyeshadow, you would think that any color would be gorgeous regardless of eye color. Although there is no written rule as to the color you could use, the truth is that for each eye color there is a certain pallet of eyeshadow that would be highly complementary, thereby enhancing the beauty of the eyes. One advantage of having hazel eyes is that you have a much broader selection of color choices over people with other eye colors. However, learning the eyeshadow for hazel eyes that would work best would eliminate guesswork and give you the perfect look, day, or night. These tips for hazel eyes will be greatest ways for you to learn.

Hazel Eyes Color Chart

Because hazel eyes are typically alluring and bewitching, choosing the right eye Makeup for hazel eyes, as well as appropriate techniques would be essential. True hazel colored eyes are actually now as common as many people think. Because of this and their mysterious intrigue, many famous musicians have written songs specifically about hazel eyes. Interestingly, the color or hue of hazel eyes often changes based lighting, as well as clothing color.

Many people, even those with hazel eyes, are unaware that this eye color is actually a unique blend of green, gold, and brown, although in some cases, slight blue tones also exist. Because of this, it would be even more important to choose the color of eye shadow, as well as type and brand, whether buying Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow or some other brand. With the wrong color, you could end up looking washed with your eyes looking lifeless and hollow instead of having your naturally gorgeous appearance.

As mentioned, brown is another excellent color that intensifies hazel colored eyes. To determine the actual shade of brown eyeshadow that would complement your eyes best, consider playing around with different shades to include light tan to rich, chocolate brown. Additionally, eyeshadow in the gold palette would allow the beautiful gold specks in your eyes to stand out, which would be stunning. Then, both purple and deep wine help eyes to pop so if you have small or deep set eyes, these colors would be excellent eyeshadow for hazel eyes.

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