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Make Up Tips

Pink Eye Symptoms


Pink eye symptoms include redness, itching, dry eyes and discharge. There are three types of pink eye – viral, allergic, and bacterial. Viral pink eye is the most common of the three and caused by the same virus as the common cold and as with the common cold there is no exact treatment for it.   Viral pink eye is ...

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10 Home Remedies for Pink Eye


The natural remedies work best for viral pink eye (which is the most common). The correct therapy can drastically reduce and eliminate the condition from a week to 48 hours and sometimes within a day. Please remember that as with other natural remedies, different therapies have different results on individuals and the effectiveness of these remedies is highly dependent on ...

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Five Ways To Eliminate Dark Under-Eye Circles


Darkened crescents under your eyes can make you look tired and aged. This common problem sends many women to the cosmetics counter in search of an effective remedy. Below are a few tips that you can try on your own to diminish the bruise-like dark circles and help your eyes regain their youthful glow. 1. Apply a concealer over the ...

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The Simple Techniques For Perfect Make-Up


These simple techniques help you apply your make-up flawlessly every time. You can eliminate mistakes for a beautiful appearance and fresh look. You can stop worrying about how you may be applying your cosmetics incorrectly by following the advice in this article. Keep your hands clean to avoid spreading bacteria. Wash with antibacterial soap and rinse with warm water for ...

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How Petroleum Jelly Can Improve Your Beauty


One of the most versatile components you can add to your daily beauty regimen is petroleum jelly. Here are some tips about where and when to use it. Petroleum jelly can do wonders for your face. It helps moisturize your face when applied immediately after washing and patting dry your face, which can help reduce dry skin, wrinkles, and other ...

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Tips To Help You With Makeup Application


Are you looking for some tips when it comes to makeup application? Do you like to look your best? If you are looking to create a beautiful look with your makeup, you have come to the right place. The following article contains tips that will help you in your makeup application. One of the first things to start with when ...

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Cosmetics For Women Of All Ages


As women grow older, the cosmetics that they use should change. This can be difficult for women in their early thirties to accept, but the changes can be made subtly to lessen the shock that many women experience. Follow the guide below to create a look that is perfect for women of any age. Avoid using creamy lipsticks. Opt for ...

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A Beginner’s Guide for Wearing Eye Shadow


There are many different brands and types of makeup out there, and most women do know the basics about applying it. However, eye shadow can be tricky to deal with for any one of a number of reasons. Read some great tips on how to properly apply eye shadow. If you have bright blue eyes and choose a darker shade ...

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