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Cosmetics For Women Of All Ages

As women grow older, the cosmetics that they use should change. This can be difficult for women in their early thirties to accept, but the changes can be made subtly to lessen the shock that many women experience. Follow the guide below to create a look that is perfect for women of any age.

Avoid using creamy lipsticks. Opt for a sheer finish lipstick in a more natural shade. Wild red is not the color for average, everyday women to go with for their best look. Creamy lipsticks can make the entire face look dull and washed out and can make your lips appear dried out and cracked. For more casual days, opt for a colored lip gloss in place of your lipstick. The gloss will help your makeup look complete without having to worry as much about it wearing off through the day.

Areas of the face that have fine lines should not be covered with powder foundations. Powder will settle in your lines and enhance them instead of camouflaging them. The best product to use in this situation is the mouse foundations that have recently hit the market. It is light and airy and will not cause the lines and wrinkles in your face to stand out more.

Blush needs to be applied in a very precise manner. Keep the blush on the apple of the cheeks and lightly brushed toward the ear across the cheekbone. Make sure to blend it in well, so you do not look like a clown with big red circles on your cheeks. The color of blush should be slightly rosier than your skin tone. If you opt to use a cream blush, be sure to blend it in very well. Cream blush can be more difficult to blend in for a natural look.

Mascara should only be applied to the lashes on the upper lid. Applying mascara to the bottom lashes can make you look tired. Use a thin line of liner on the lower lids to accentuate and open the eye.

Eyebrows must be shaped, but use caution to avoid over plucking. You do not want eyebrows that are too thin. Once you have them properly shaped, use a sharpened eyeliner to lightly go over the brows to make them stand out more.

Colorful eyeshadow are best left for teenagers, very young adults and models. Many women cannot pull off the look of brightly colored eyelids. The colors that you choose should accentuate the color of your eyes. When applied properly, your eyes will pop. Many makeup brands sell color packs that are designed for particular eye colors to make it easier to find the colors that match particular colors of eyes.

These are among the better suggestions that some of the most experienced makeup artists have advised their clients to use. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are applying your makeup. If you carefully consider your makeup products and the application process you use, you should end up with a well finished look that is appealing instead of appalling.

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