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Great Tips for Keeping Your Hair Color Looking Fresh

Many women color their hair, either professionally or at home. There are some simple ways that you can extend the freshness and brightness of your dyed hair color. This article will take you through just a few ways you can keep your hair looking freshly done all the time.

You should make sure to avoid exposing dyed hair to the sun. The sun emits UV rays that can diminish the color of your hair dye. Wear a hat when you are going out of doors and think about a swim cap when you are swimming to avoid over exposing your hair to the sun.

You should make sure that the shampoo and the conditioner you use is color-protective. Regular shampoo and conditioners can contain ingredients that will strip the hair dye from your head. There are plenty of options available for color-safe washing of your hair. You could also consider using a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner in the shade of your hair in order to “boost” the length of time that your dye job lasts.

You should avoid washing your hair on a daily basis. Washing your hair daily will strip the color from your hair very quickly as even color-safe washing agents remove some dye each time. This is good advice even for people who do not dye their hair. Daily washing removes the natural oils and minerals that keep hair soft and supple.

There are many products on the market that can help make your dye job look fantastic. You can use a glossing treatment which will increase the shine of your hair. This will make it look healthier and also help your hair reflect the damaging UV rays that can bleach and fade a dye job. You can find some inexpensive and wonderful glossing agents at your local drugstore.

You should avoid swimming in chlorinated pools or make sure that you have a proper swimming cap. In addition to increasing your exposure to UV rays and fading your dye job that way, exposure to chlorine can strip your dye. It can also change the color of your dye job. Blond hair can be turned bright green by being over exposed to chlorine.

You should avoid using volumizing hair products as they open the hair cuticle to increase volume. This will strip your hair dye right at the roots where it will become more noticeable. Avoiding these types of products will increase the length of time between dye jobs and keep your hair looking great.

You should also avoid using hot styling tools like curling irons and flat irons. The heat will make the dye appear dull and listless and even bake the color right out of the hair. You can achieve quite a lot of styling by using cooler methods.

It can take effort to take good care of colored hair, but by following the advice laid out in this article, you should be able to lengthen the time between dye jobs by keeping your hair shiny and healthy.

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