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How Petroleum Jelly Can Improve Your Beauty

One of the most versatile components you can add to your daily beauty regimen is petroleum jelly. Here are some tips about where and when to use it.

Petroleum jelly can do wonders for your face. It helps moisturize your face when applied immediately after washing and patting dry your face, which can help reduce dry skin, wrinkles, and other such unsightly flaws.

Petroleum jelly can help strengthen your nails when applied on a regular basis. Just paint it on your nails and relax. Make sure you rinse it off before manipulating anything with your fingers, so you don’t make a mess.

Petroleum jelly can help you avoid calluses and corns on the bottom of your feet by holding in moisture- just smear a thin coat onto the bottoms of your feet after washing your feet, put on a pair of your least favorite, machine-washable socks, and relax. Don’t try to run a marathon afterwards, as your feet will remain somewhat slippery. You can leave it on overnight, as long as you keep your feet in socks to prevent leaving a trail wherever you go. You can also paint it on your toenails to help strengthen them, as well.

It is also perfect to use on other parts of your body where you are prone to exposing skin to sun, or where lots of flexibility and abrasion is expected. Some of the more typical spots include the neck and cleavage for sun exposure, or elbows and knees for flexibility and abrasion. Applying petroleum jelly immediately after a relaxing bath in moderately cool water is a good way to keep those parts hydrated, which again can prevent wrinkles and rough, dry skin.

Many people use expensive moisturizers and creams to accomplish exactly the same thing that a five dollar tub of petroleum jelly can do for much longer. It is also unscented and does not contain any artificial color, and because it is hypoallergenic, it is much less likely to cause any issues with skin sensitivity.

It is important to remember several things: petroleum jelly is not for internal use, and while it can be a great treatment for chapped lips because it can help keep your lips moisturized and shiny, a common cause of chapped lips is because of licking or biting your lips, often unconsciously. This can lead to ingestion of large amounts of petroleum jelly. Do not apply petroleum jelly to open wounds, either; if your skin is chapped enough to be cracking, you need to apply an antibiotic cream instead. Petroleum jelly can also block the pores in your skin, so for places like your face, which often exude oils, make sure to wash it off after a few hours.

Yes, the simple petroleum jelly can do all these things for you. No more buying one specialized lotion for your face, another for your feet, and a different one for your hands. Just one tub can do it all for one low price. Just add this to your daily routine and soon you’ll see the benefits in your pocketbook and in your skin.

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