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Keep Your Hair And Skin Healthy All Winter Long

When the harsh winds blow and the temperature drops, it’s time to give your skin and hair the special attention it needs to look great. Winter can be a time to curl up and dream of warmer days instead of maintaining a healthy routine of skin and hair care, but if you have the right information, you can still find the motivation to keep your hair healthy and your complexion glowing. Try some of these common sense ideas.

Winter is the time to protect your skin from the harsh elements. The light splash of water on your summer face is no longer enough to keep your skin happy in the winter. A cleanser with rich emollients is a good winter choice to clean and hold in the moisture that winter winds try to strip away. A creamy rich milk cleanser can wash away dirt and grime without taking away the moisture your skin craves in winter.

There is no such thing as too much moisturizer in the winter. Now is the time to slather your skin from head to toe with a rich creamy lotion that will hydrate every inch of your skin. Pay special attention to heels, elbows and hands and apply frequently. Keep a travel size bottle of your favorite skin lotion in your purse and apply to your hands throughout the day to counteract the winter cold.

If you can’t bear to let your summer tan fade, try a self tanning lotion to keep a bit of color all winter long. There are several good body lotions that contain a self tanning agent to keep that healthy glow through the winter’s dark days.

Your lips can take a beating in cold, dry winter weather and you need to be religious about applying a good lip balm. Keep it handy in your purse or coat pocket to prevent dry cracked lips. Keep it fun by trying a flavored balm!

Your hair is especially vulnerable to the dry winter air. It is important to protect it by wearing a hat. Winter hats are always in style and they have the added benefit of keeping your body warm, too! Letting your hair air dry in the winter can be a smart idea. The harsh heat of your blow dryer is especially damaging during the winter months. Keep you hair soft and strong by putting your hair dryer in the cabinet until Spring and you will be rewarded with hair that is more manageable and shiny.

Even if you don’t usually use a conditioner after shampooing, winter is the time when it really is a necessity. You may want to leave the conditioner on for an extra minute or two for added protection. After your hair is towel dry, apply a small amount to your hand and work through your hair for extra styling ease and to control flyaway hair.

Winter may seem to be the perfect time for hot steamy baths, but water that is too hot can rob your skin of precious moisture. Keep the temperature down to make sure that your skin stays soft and smooth all winter long.

Don’t take a winter vacation from your skin care routine. When cold winds blow, turn up the heat with the extra care your skin and hair are desperate to have. The effective tips in the article above will have you looking your best by the crackling fire!

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