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Longer Lasting Hair Color in 8 Simple Steps

No matter who dyes your hair, it’s possible to keep your color looking its best until it’s time to touch-up your roots. Follow this advice, and your new color will be just as brilliant and beautiful as it was on day one.

If you’ve ever used Sun In or spent the summer outside, you already know that sunlight can lighten your hair. What you may not realize is that sunlight fades your hair color even if it’s not your natural color! To help your color last longer, avoid the sun, wear a hat, or use a color protecting spray before you go outside.

Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are helping your color. Look for products that are labeled as color protecting or look for shampoos and conditioners designed for certain hair colors. Some of these hair-color specific products may give you a bit of pigment without having to dye your hair again.

Avoid washing your hair every day. For many people, it’s not necessary, and if you’re trying to keep your color, it can cause additional, unnecessary fading. Color safe shampoos can help, but it’s better to avoid daily washing if you can.

Chlorine helps protect you in the pool, but it can hurt your hair! It’s especially important to wear a swimming cap or keep your hair above water if you’ve dyed your hair. Chlorine can cause fading or, for lighter shades, a color you never wanted! You can still swim, but take steps to protect your hair.

Although a color protecting or color enhancing shampoo can really help your hair color, other products may be more detrimental. Some styling products like volumizing mousse can cause your hair color to fade. Thicker, fuller hair generally isn’t worth the inconvenience of having to color more frequently. Your hair will also appreciate a break from the extra chemicals, especially after being dyed!

Just as you should avoid washing your hair every day, you should also avoid using a hair dryer for the sake of your hair color. Hair dryers and other heated tools can cause additional fading. It may take some time to get used to, but styling your hair while wet and letting it air dry will make sure your hair is still a beautiful, vibrant color once it’s dried!

If you’re concerned about fading, you may want to avoid red shades. Whether they’re light or dark, red shades fade faster than any other! If you’ve always dreamed of being a fiery redhead, you’ll need to be prepared to be extra vigilant about protecting your new color and even that may not be enough to keep you from becoming a strawberry blonde in another week or two.

Dying your hair can be a fun and easy way to mix things up, but preserving that color does take some work. By taking a few extra precautions and making slight changes to your beauty regimen, you’ll be able to enjoy brighter, better color until it’s time for a touch-up–or for the next shade!

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