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Pink Eye Symptoms

Pink eye symptoms include redness, itching, dry eyes and discharge. There are three types of pink eye – viral, allergic, and bacterial. Viral pink eye is the most common of the three and caused by the same virus as the common cold and as with the common cold there is no exact treatment for it.


Viral pink eye is highly contagious and can be spread on contact so staying away from those that have it and keeping your hands clean are very important in not contracting it. Your eyes may have excessive tearing and slight discharge of mucus. Bacterial pink eye symptoms are more severe as there is a large significant discharge of puss, heavy crusting, and can affect both eyes. Allergic pink eye normally occurs due to persistent allergies. Occasionally extreme irritation from chemicals and fumes can also make you susceptible to the condition.Pink eye can also show up as a result of your immune system being compromised from various long-term conditions such as lyme disease and vascular diseases.

The most common cause is contracting the viral version through someone else. This is frequent amongst children as they pick it up from other kids in school and daycare. You can also get it from excessive exposure to chlorinated water from swimming in a pool or not keeping your contact lens clean or sanitized. If you do wear contacts and you get pink eye, you should stop wearing the lenses until your eye has completely healed.

Most of the time, pink eye is an occasional occurrence and goes away after a few days. if you get chronic pink eye or if it lasts for more than a week, then you must work with a doctor to diagnose other things going on in your body.

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